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Planning for Non-Communicable Diseases and Disorders Research Training Programs in Low and Middle Income Countries

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Proudly hosting Clinical Research Platform, Bangladesh


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Upcoming event:

We are happy to announce that the Clinical Research Platform, Bangladesh is going to host the 1st Scientific Congress on Non communicable disease which will be held on 19-21th October, 2019 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This congress is organized by icddr, b in collaboration with BSMMU and BMJ


Funded By:

Fogarty International Center


Project Lead



Project is jointly directed by:

Dr. Aliya Naheed
Project Director

Associate Scientist

Head, Initiative for Non communicable diseases, HSPSD, icddr,b

Prof. Habibul Ahsan
Joint Project Director

Louis Block Professor
Department of Public Health Sciences, 
Department of Medicine - Section of Human Medicine, 
Committee on Cancer Biology 
University of Chicago


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