Grant/ Ongoing research activity :

Under the direct mentorship of Dr. Aliya Naheed, Head, Initiative for NCD, HSPSD, 4 D71 fellows from icddr, b submitted the proposals in response to the requests of the following research proposals by DGHS of Bangladesh as the lead on 10th December, 2018:

Dr. Tauhidul Islam and Nantu Chakma submitted proposal on Designing a model  for community based intervention in reducing hypertension, diabetes and  their risk factors in a rural community in Bangladesh;

Dr. Mir Nabila Ashraf submitted proposal on Parenting  stress, coping  and HRQoL for  parents  having children  with  NDDs;

Dr. Josepha Elizabeth submitted proposal on Prevalence of dementia among elderly population of Bangladesh.

National micronutrient survey in Bangladesh, 2018-2019 : 

Under the guidance of Dr. Aliya Naheed two D71 fellows, Dr Tauhidul Islam and Mr. Saimul Islam faced IRB with the proposal of National micronutrient survey in Bangladesh, 2018-2019 which will be conducted in collaboration of icddr,b, UNICEF Bangladesh, Global Alliance for Improved

Nutrition (GAIN) and the Institute of Public Health and Nutrition (IPHN)

Department for International Development (DFID) Bangladesh:

Under the guidance of Dr. Aliya Naheed a D71 fellow Dr. Tauhidul Islam attended the grant call of Health Research Programme Consortia (RPCS): Filling the Gaps in Evidence: Building Stronger and more Resilient Health Systems Research Programme Consortia” as a Lead. Aga Khan University and Public Health Foundation Nepal joined as partners in the proposal.

Dr. Redoy Ranjan currently working on research project entitled on research project entitled with "CT angiographic evaluation of graft patency rate following coronary endarterectomy with OPCABG in Bangladesh".

Dr. Ashok kumar got clearance from IRB, BSMMU on his research proposal entitled "Postoperative atrial fibrillation following off-pump coronary artery bypass graft surgery: elderly versus young patients".


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