A lifestyle intervention program for the prevention of type 2 diabetes mellitus among South Asian women with gestational diabetes mellitus

Principal Investigator: Dr. Aliya Naheed

Funded by: Global Alliance for Chronic Disease


Project Brief

We are conducting a large scale implementation trials in collaborations with the Directorate General of Family Planning under the Ministry of Health and Family welfare. In this study we are applying a resource- and culturally-appropriate lifestyle intervention program in South Asian countries (India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh), provided to women with gestational diabetes. These mothers are followed up after childbirth to see whether the intervention program is effective to reduce the incidence of worsening of glycaemic status or not. We are also assessing the affordability, acceptability and scalability of the intervention program. After introduction of the study, the government maternal facilities of Dhaka City (MCHTI & MFSTC) have started to perform OGTT routinely. Institutionally, GDM has started being recognized as important health condition in the maternal facilities and retention of GDM patient has increased rather being referred to the tertiary care hospitals.


  1. Gupta Y, Kapoor D, Josyula LK, et al. A lifestyle intervention programme for the prevention of Type 2 diabetes mellitus among South Asian women with gestational diabetes mellitus [LIVING study]: protocol for a randomized trial. Diabet Med. 2019;36(2):243-251. doi:10.1111/dme.13850

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