Brief about Dr. Aliya Naheed

Aliya Naheed,
Scientist and Head, Initiative for Non communicable Diseases, HSPSD, icddr, b

Dr Naheed is a scientist and health systems specialist with a strong background in epidemiology, behaviour interventions, clinical trials, policy analyses, gender analyses, and economic evaluation and working as a Head of Initiative for Noncommunicable Disease at International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh; one of the most reputed international research organisations in Bangladesh. She has more than 22 years’ experience in health-related research in Communicable and Noncommunicable diseases (NCD).
She has played a pivotal role in the development and testing of innovative interventions including: (i) screening, management and referral systems for strengthening hypertension care in rural Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka; (ii) a post-partum care plan for prevention of diabetes among women with gestational diabetes in urban Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka; (iii) a program for enhancing capacity of microbiology laboratories to identify bacterial pneumonia to support clinical decisions for antibiotic in the government hospitals Bangladesh; (iv) a mental health care service model for addressing anxiety, stress and depression among women in urban school settings in Bangladesh, and (v) a low cost intervention for improving microbial quality of street food in urban Bangladesh. She has developed behaviour change communications guidelines for prevention of hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, mental health, childhood pneumonia and food borne diseases in Bangladesh. She has generated over £10 million research grants as the principal investigator and co-investigator in collaboration with more than 50 international and 40 national institutions, and published around 80 peer reviewed articles. She has been closely working with the Ministry of Health and contributed to the development of the National Strategic Plan for Control and Prevention of Noncommunicable Diseases and Mental Health Policy in Bangladesh. 
In 2017, she was awarded D71 International Research Training Planning Grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) USA and developed a Clinical Research Platform Bangladesh in collaborations with the British Medical Journal and Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, the premier post graduate institutions in Bangladesh. Dr. Aliya was the Convener of the1st Scientific Congress on Noncommunicable Diseases in Bangladesh hosted by the Clinical Research Platform Bangladesh held in October 2019. She has served as Faculty in various institutions including Tulane University in New Orleans, USA and James P Grant School of Public Health in Dhaka Bangladesh. In icddr,b she mentored  a number of junior researchers to build a research career in Noncommunicable diseases with a special concentration in health systems research. (To see the complete publication list please visit the ORCID ID: ORCID ID: 0000-0002-6016-5603)


2019-                 Scientist, icddr,b
2015-till date    Head, Initiative for Noncommunicable Diseases, Health Systems and Population Studies Division, icddr,b
2014-2015     Interim Head, Noncommunicable Disease Initiative, Health Systems and Population Studies Division, icddr,b
2013-till date     Associate Scientist, icddr,b
2012-till date     Faculty, James P. Grant School of Public Health, BRAC University, Bangladesh
2013-2015        Coordinator Governance and Accountability Research group, icddr,b
2014-2015            Asia Pacific Observatory Fellow, World Health Organization (WHO)
2012-2014        Assistant Professor (adjunct), Tulane University School of Public Health, USA
2010-2011        Teaching Assistant, Tulane University School of Public Health, USA
2009-2010        Research Assistant, Tulane University School of Public Health, USA
2004-2012        Assistant Scientist, icddr,b 
1996-2003        Research Investigators, icddr,b 
1994-1995        Medical Officer, icddr,b

2017            BMJ Award South Asia (The winner under the category ‘The Mental Health Team of the Year’)
2016               Cooperative Research Award Harvard Medical School Centre for Global Health Delivery-Dubai.
2014            Asia Pacific Observatory Fellowship by WHO.
2014            Rotary International Award
2014            Nandos Women Leadership Award
2013            Grand Challenge Canada's Stars in Global Health – Round 4 Phase I
2009    Awarded scholarship by Tulane School of Public Health to pursue doctoral training in Health Systems Management
2009    Received "Gender Mainstreaming in Health Research" award from the Gender, Human Rights and Health Program of ICDDR,B
2008    Awarded the travel grant to attend the 6th “International Symposium on Pneumococci & Pneumococcal Diseases” in June 2008 in Reykjavik, Iceland 
2006    Awarded the travel grant to attend the 5th “International Symposium on Pneumococci & Pneumococcal Diseases” in April 2006 in Alice Springs, Australia
2005    Awarded grant for attending the 3rd  workshop on the “Ethical Issues in International Health Research” held in 2005 at Harvard University in Boston ,MA, USA
2005    Awarded the travel grant to attend the “Global Forum on Bioethics in Research VI” in 2005 in Blantyre, Malawi
2004            Awarded the travel grant to attend the “KOSEF-JSPS Asian Science Seminar” in Seoul, Korea
2001            Awarded Columbus Foundation Fellowship by the MPH program of Johns Hopkins University 
2001            Staff Development Fund awarded by ICDDRB to join the MPH program
2001            Declared as “The Gates-Bangladesh Fellow” for 2001 by ICDDR,B

Membership of Editorial Boards
2020-            Section Editor, Noncommunicable Diseases, Journal of Health and Population nutrition, BMC 
2019-                 UKRI GCRF Health and Context Call 
2015-            The British Medical Journal
2014-            Editor, Advances in Medicine
2012-             Member, Editorial Board Dataset Papers in Medicine 
2012-            Member, Editorial Board ISRN Preventive Medicine
2008-2012        Member, International Advisory Board, Indian Journal of Medical Ethics
2006-2012    Reviewer of peer reviewed journals: Vaccine, Tropical Medicine and International Health, Biomed Central Pediatrics, Journal of Health, population and Nutrition, Scandinavian Journal of Infectious Disease, Journal of Infection, Journal of Pedaitric Biochemistry, British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research, British Microbiology Research Journal, Journal of Infectious Diseases and Immunity, Health Systems and Policy Research. ISRN Preventive Medicine, African Journal of Microbiology Research, PLOS ONE, Journal of Global Health, and BMJ Global Health.
Membership of Committees
2019            Convener, 1st Scientific Congress on Noncommunicable Diseases in Bangladesh 
2019                     Member , 2nd International Symposium on Community Health Workers 
2017-     Convener, Clinical Research Platform. A tripartite initiative of icddr,b, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, and The British Medical Journal
2017-            Member, Mental & Physical Health in South Asia Group
2016-    Member, National Consortium for Evidence and Action on Disability in Health, Handicap international Bangladesh.
2016-            Member, Living Steering Committee
2015-            Convener, COBRA Bangladesh Advisory Committee 
2015-            Member, Trial Steering Committee, COBRA-BPS
2014-            Member, "Health Systems Global TWG - Ethics of Health Systems Research" group.
2004-2009        Member, Ethical review Committee of ICDDR,B.
2009-            Member, Subcommittee for developing “Guideline for Genetic Research: An overview of icddr,b”
2007    Member, working group on 'Teaching Public Health Ethics in India: A Curriculum Review' organized by the Public Health Foundation of India
2008-2009        Member, Task Force of Institutionalisation of a Healthy Street Food System in Bangladesh
2008-2009    Member, Working Group on Formulation of Draft Street Food Vending Policies and Guidelines for Bangladesh
2006    Member, Best Poster Selection Committee, Eight Commonwealth Congress on Diarrhoea and Malnutrition (CPAGAN) 
2007            Member, Best Poster Selection Committee, Eleventh Annual Scientific Conference (ASCON) 



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