The Scientific Committee

Chair: Prof. John D.  Clemens, Executive Director, icddr,b

Co Chair: •    Prof. Dr. Chowdhury Yakub Jamal, Dean, Department of Pediatrics, Chairman, Pediatric Hematology & Oncology
•    Dr. Daniel D Reidpath
Sr. Director, Health Systems and Population Studies Division, icddr,b


  • Professor Dr. A.H.M. Enayet Hussain, Additional Director General, Planning and Development, DGHS

  • Dr. Shams El Arifeen, Senior Director, Maternal & Child Health, Maternal and Neonatal Health, icddr,b

  • Dr. Rubhana Raqib, Senior Scientist, Enteric and Respiratory Infections Infectious Diseases Division, icddr,b

Sub-Committees of the Scientific Committee:

A.    Publication and dissemination Committee

Members of the Publication and dissemination Committee:

Chair:  Prof. Harisul Haque, Department of Cardiology, BSMMU

Co Chair: Dr. Fahmida Tofail, Scientist, NCSD, icddr, b


Dr. KM Tarikul Islam, Associate Professor, Department of  Neuro Surgery, BSMMU
Dr Mohammad Ashraf Uddin Sultan,  Research Assistant, Department of Cardiology, BSMMU
Mr. Md. Saiful Islam, Senior Manager Communications, icddr,b

A.    Selection committee: 

Nine Jury Board members


Jury Members

Hypertension & Cardiovascular Diseases

Jury Board 1

Prevention of Diabetes in Bangladesh

Jury Board 2

Stroke and other Neurological disorders

Jury Board 3

Mental Health and NDD

Jury Board 4

Chronic Kidney Diseases

Jury Board 5

Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Disorders

Jury Board 6

Chronic Respiratory Diseases

 Jury Board 7


Jury Board 8

Evidence of NCD in Bangladesh: Prevention & control

Jury Board 9


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