Faculty members:


Dr. Aliya Naheed
Associate Scientist
Head Initiative for Non communicable diseases, HSPSD

Area of research emphasis: Health Systems and Implementation Research in NCD

Dr. Aliya Naheed from icddr,b is currently leading the initiative for Non-Communicable Disease in icddr,b. She has graduated in Medicine from the University of Dhaka in 1992, earned an MPH from Johns Hopkins University in 2002 and a PhD from the Tulane University in 2012.  She also had obtained a post doctoral training from the University of Melbourne in 2015 and is the Asia Pacific Observatory (APO) Fellow of WHO. Dr. Naheed has 20 years of health research experience with a strong background in epidemiology and health system research. Dr. Naheed has innovated a number of health interventions aiming at strengthening health systems in Bangladesh including strengthen of NCDs services.  Currently she is leading two community bases trials on hypertension and gestational diabetes, and other interventions in collaborations with internationally reputed institutions including Harvard Medical School, George Institute Sydney, University of Oxford and the Cambridge University. Dr. Naheed has been actively involved in academic teaching and has served as a faculty in the Tulane University, James P. Grant School of Public Health, State University of Bangladesh, and Bongobondhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University. She has extensively published many research articles in international peer-reviewed journals including the Lancet. She is a member of several international professional organizations and societies. Dr. Naheed’s long-time experience in scientific leadership, particularly her expertise in health systems intervention research and the long track record in research training put her in the best position to lead the proposed planning project in Bangladesh and steer the secretariat in icddr,b .

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