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Dr. Aliya Naheed is leading the Asian Covid-19 Research Hub of The Global Health Network. The aim is to drive and seek wider engagement with teams across the region to illustrate and promote the studies and research strategies, planned and underway as part of this global effort to respond. These initiatives seek to strengthen research capacity, promote and recognize locally-led health research, improve visibility of research teams and centers, and contribute to the science of sharing.

Medicine Club has an established platform at 27 teaching medical colleges across the country for conducting academic and social activities driven by the medical students .The MC has track record of conducting awareness building program for important health issues, such as, antibiotic resistance, cervical cancer, breast cancer, Thalassemia, HPV vaccination for young girls etc. through school based programs. A significant contribution of MC is in humanitarian works such as, organize blood donation program, relief camps, and distribution of medicines to poor people. Dr. Aliya Naheed, was an active member of MC as medical student and an Ex-Vice president. She is an Advisor of the MC and has been guiding MC to support their social and academic activities.

Dr. Aliya and her team had a brainstorming meeting with the Medicine club members to design a program on Youth mental health and well-being of Bangladesh on 23rd June, 2020.

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